I'm Elizabeth Crowley. Thank you for your interest in my campaign for Borough President. Stay tuned for the official launch of my website, when I roll out my plans for the working families of Queens—our home and the greatest place in the world.

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Elizabeth Crowley for Queens

Elizabeth Crowley for Queens
Elizabeth with her sons Dennis and Owen.

Elizabeth with her sons Dennis and Owen.

Elizabeth, on her father Walter's lap, with her parents and all of her siblings.

Elizabeth, on her father Walter's lap, with her parents and all of her siblings.

My Story

Working-class from the start

I’ve served on the New York City Council but I wasn’t groomed for politics. I am a woman who found her voice as a young mom and a union worker. I’m a pro-union feminist who raised two sons as a single mom, and I know firsthand the struggles our Queens families face. If you haven’t met me or don’t know my record, then please keep reading!

Queens. Always Queens.

I was born and raised in Elmhurst, the fourteenth of fifteen children. That’s right: I have fourteen siblings.

My Father Walter died when I was seven. My mother Mary did the best she could to raise all of us on her own. My mom is a remarkably strong woman. My older sisters helped raise me, too.

After studying art restoration in college, I worked as a painter. My second family was my union, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. They helped me win my first seat on the City Council in 2008, making me the first woman and first Democrat to win in the 30th District, a traditionally Republican seat.

Single moms work harder

My early adult years were tough. I was a single mother raising two children and I often lived paycheck to paycheck. But I worked hard. Somehow through all that I earned a master’s degree in urban planning, too. All of these life experiences have prepared me for this moment, to run for Queens Borough President.

My campaign is about Queens. It’s about you. It’s an honor to have this opportunity to earn your support. I look forward to getting to know you and learning about your concerns and issues and solving them together for a better borough.

My Plan is a Real Plan

It’s not enough to just want to “address” mass transit, affordable housing, good jobs, and the environment -- I bring solutions. I sponsored a comprehensive study on the City Council to use our railroads to bring miles of new passenger service to the transit “desert areas” of our borough.

Representation that will get results: Elect me to get the borough moving again!

Elizabeth Crowley's progressive record

My Progressive Record

On the City Council, I pushed back against gender and race discrimination. I fought for all council districts to get fair funding on capital improvement projects. I was one of the first politicians to call for the closure of Rikers Island. After Trump was elected I co-founded an advocacy group to help women get elected to local office. Be on the lookout for my full website to read about my full biography!

What does a borough president really do?

Do you know? Many people don’t. This is a crucial question. Queens needs a Borough President who understands the real potential this office has as an economic catalyst for the area. Look for my expanded website soon for how I will fully use the powers of the Queens borough presidency!

Elizabeth Crowley is committed to Queens

Committed to Queens

I’m running to be your Borough President to serve you, the residents of Queens. I want to show the world that immigration works, that Queens is one of the best places to raise a family and start a small business--as well as to headquarter a major company. Donald Trump wants everyone to believe that diversity can’t work. Well, guess what? Our economy is strong, our people get along, and Donald Trump is wrong!

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I am not accepting donations from real-estate developers...

The Borough President’s office has a lot of power to affect zoning in Queens, and I won’t create a conflict of interest for myself.

Too often our city leaders have made concessions to developers with deep pockets without trying to help those most in need of affordable housing. This kind of “leadership” hurts everyone, because the city is a harder place to live for everyone if not everyone can afford to live here.