On the Issues

Post-COVID Recovery

This has been one of the hardest years in Queens history. While housing, educational, and systemic economic issues have caused hardship for our borough for years, the COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated these problems. Simply put, our borough is facing crises on many fronts – and this status quo is unacceptable.

Elizabeth Crowley has the experience and the ideas to get Queens back on track. She believes in an optimistic vision for the Queens Comeback and understands that these simultaneously crises also offer a path to not only recover but also be in a stronger position than ever before. 

Simply put, we cannot afford to resort to the machine politics that puts the interests of real estate developers and special interests above the needs of borough residents. Small businesses and tenants have confronted unprecedented challenges in the past year and are now faced with the looming prospect of an eviction moratorium expiration. Elizabeth has a long history of fighting to keep people in their homes – and will do everything she can to support wage subsidy and loan programs to keep people employed and small businesses running.

The disastrous COVID vaccine rollout Queens demonstrates the urgent need for change in our borough. Queens residents have struggled to navigate complicated websites and busy hotlines, not to mention the physical logistical challenges of procuring a vaccine. The absence of city leaders and borough president demonstrate the imperative requirement for an active leader for the post-COVID recovery.

Elizabeth has a comprehensive plan to revitalize Queens. After leaving the City Council, she spearheaded Friends of the QNS, a public advocacy group that calls for the largest commuter rail expansion in decades; she has been an outspoken leader in the movement to make busing free throughout the borough; and she will fight to ensure that our small businesses get their fair share of city, state, and federal support.

On the Council, Elizabeth Crowley was a leading force in bringing back our city from the brink after the Great Recession. In Borough Hall, she will do the same to fight for the Queens Comeback and build a better Queens than ever before.