The health and safety of Queens residents have always been Elizabeth’s top priority. On the City Council, she fought back against City Hall and other members when it was politically expedient to cut essential and frontline services in our city – and consistently won.

Elizabeth knows that racial bias exists in our criminal justice system and we have to address it. But the slogan “Defund the Police” is too simplistic a concept to capture what needs to be done. Elizabeth stands against it. We need to hire more police officers and to further diversify the police force; we need to stop this rising crime immediately by getting guns off our streets; and we need police to work closely with their communities and to receive training in de-escalation techniques and other less violent mediation efforts.

Today, Elizabeth understands that we face even more daunting challenges in protecting our communities. Driven by division and hatred, we have seen a surge in bias-related crimes in our city and country. Queens residents have collectively felt the pain of the increasing attacks on our friends and family.

Crime is rising in Queens, and we have the fewest number of police officers since the early 1990s. We need more patrol officers to keep our neighborhoods safe. Elizabeth will fight against cutting the number of police who protect our neighborhoods and keep our families safe.

As borough president, Elizabeth will act proactively to open dialogues amongst our communities and stem the rise of racism and bigotry in our great borough. She believes in bold solutions to foster community understanding, pursue boroughwide restorative justice, and push for measures that would build equity among all Queens residents – irrespective of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or otherwise.

As borough president, Elizabeth will prioritize: