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Campaign News | Apr 13, 2020

Queens borough president candidate urges city to test EMTs for COVID-19

Crowley visited and spoke with EMTs in Elmhurst, Rockaway and Jamaica and found that many frontline emergency workers who have symptoms of the virus are not getting tested and are asked to come back to work just three days after their symptoms subside.
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Campaign News | Apr 07, 2020

Crowley calls for freeze in real estate taxes due to COVID-19 pandemic

With the special election for Queens borough president rescheduled for June 23, and early voting set to begin June 13, one candidate has called for New York City to enact a first-ever freeze in real estate taxes this year due to the COVID-19 crisis.
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Campaign News | Apr 02, 2020

Liz Crowley calls for property tax freeze

Elizabeth Crowley, a candidate for Queens borough president, a candidate for Queens borough president has called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to freeze property taxes while the COVID-19 economic shutdown threatens the livelihoods and incomes of millions of New York City residents.
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Campaign News | Mar 30, 2020

Offering Different Visions for Queens, Borough President Candidates Face New June Special Election

As a City Council member, Crowley repeatedly and successfully fought back the closure of firehouses in the borough. She’s also promised to create an anti-Semitism task force to tackle rising hate crimes in the borough. She’s been endorsed by uniformed workers unions including the Uniformed Firefighters Association, the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, and the Patrolmen’s […]
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Campaign News | Mar 28, 2020

Readers sound off on real estate taxes, Trump’s coronavirus response, and chatting

We need a strong plan to minimize this oncoming economic downturn. If we act fast, we can make it short-lived and less painful as we ride out this pandemic. Elizabeth Crowley, candidate for Queens borough president
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