Elizabeth's Platform

Elizabeth Crowley is a tenant advocate and has refused to take any contributions from big real estate developers. Elizabeth knows that our City is in a housing emergency and supports extending the rent relief program that helps New Yorkers stay in their homes and will fight any attempt by landlords to unfairly evict tenants. 

As a Council Member Elizabeth worked with her colleagues to start a right to counsel program for tenants facing eviction from landlords. Studies have shown that when tenants are afforded this legal service the rate of eviction significantly declines. 

Elizabeth will fight the unfair Property Tax system in which limits access to affordable housing and build programs to expand homeownership for working families. Elizabeth Crowley will work to reform the unfair property tax system so homeowners in modest homes and co-ops can get relief and hardworking people can find an affordable home and build equity.

Elizabeth Crowley will protect abortion rights in New York and will work with Governor Hochul to make New York the most pro choice state in the country. Elizabeth will fight to ensure safe access to abortion in New York and will stand up to the conservatives in Albany who attack Planned Parenthood.

As a former NYC Council Member Elizabeth has the experience needed to protect and expand women’s access to abortion, reproductive care and family planning. 

Elizabeth has a record of delivering funding and expanding services as a leader of the NYC Council Women’s Caucus where she:

  • secured key funding for planned parenthood, including the first location in Queens.

  • expanding access to contraception to young women across the city.

  • fought cuts to restore millions of dollars in funding for safe abortions and family planning.

  • Authored laws pushing the Department  of Health on transparency and reporting to ensure access in underserved communities.

Elizabeth Crowley has been recognized for her leadership on women’s empowerment causes and in 2018 she co-founded 21 in 21, a non-profit that supports women running for public office.  21 in 21 has been credited for its role in supporting a record breaking number of women running for and getting elected to local office here in New York City. In 2021 for the first time in its history the city elected a female majority to the NYC Council.

Elizabeth Crowley supports investing more in programs that prevent crime. As a Council Member Elizabeth worked to expand funding for crime interruption and youth programs in our neighborhoods. Elizabeth will also work to increase funding for mental health and drug addiction treatment, including getting more social workers and mental health professionals out onto our streets.

Elizabeth knows we need stronger gun control laws, and will work to take guns off our streets. Elizabeth is committed to ending racial bias in the NYPD and believes with proper community-based policing and better training we can increase local trust in law enforcement. 

Elizabeth Crowley is a single mother and public school parent who understands the importance of good schools. On the city council, Elizabeth Crowley successfully fought to increase the number of classroom seats in her district, adding 6000 new seats and overseeing the most robust school construction in decades. As State Senator, Crowley will continue to fight for smaller class sizes and more education funding, including investments in programs to meet every learner at their unique level.

As Council Member Elizabeth expanded free after school and summer youth programs, Universal Pre-Kindergarten to 3 year olds and is committed to reducing the cost of childcare for hard-working families. Elizabeth believes that early childhood education leads to high college graduation rates and supports making CUNY and SUNY free and expanding the higher education budget for retention and support programs that help our college students graduate on time.

Elizabeth Crowley knows neighborhoods along the East River are vulnerable to climate change. Crowley has a master’s degree in urban planning and the environment. Elizabeth knows what it will take to make our waterfront communities better prepared for the next big storm and is committed to building continuous resilience infrastructure along the waterfront. 

And to create the largest local new green jobs plan in the city, Elizabeth will work with Governor Hochul and the MTA to convert over 20 miles of freight rail lines into shared passenger train service. This would run the distance along the Newtown creek and the border of Brooklyn and Queens, and across the broughs from Astoria to Bay Ridge. The new transit service would open hundreds of thousands of acres to new opportunities for jobs and affordable housing. Utilizing these rights of ways for cyclists is also part of a more livable plan for Brooklyn and Queens. 

On the City Council, Elizabeth Crowley authored laws to make sure women-owned businesses received fair contracting with the billions of annual city procurement dollars. In the State Senate,

Elizabeth will prioritize help to small businesses as they continue to  recover from the COVID pandemic. As State Senator, Elizabeth will work to eliminate red tape for small business grants and expand the small business tax credit program that helps create jobs. Prior to her work in the Council Elizabeth helped bring relief grants to hundreds of local businesses after September 11th and in this economic climate she is committed to cutting the bureaucratic delays involved in accessing similar important programs.

I am running for State Senate to fight for our working families and to ensure a strong recovery for New York. I know the struggles our families are facing because I have lived it. And although our communities are facing great challenges, I know that by working together we will come back stronger.

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