Dear Friends,
Together, with your help, we ran a very competitive race for Queens borough president. From neighborhood to neighborhood, we shared our ideas and our concerns, we put forward plans, and we renewed our commitment to move our communities forward. We worked hard, and I know our people and our borough will be better for it.
I wanted you to hear it from me first: while the Board of Elections has not officially called the race, and some districts are still getting tallied, the numbers to win are just not with us. I recently called Council MemberĀ Donovan RichardsĀ to congratulate him and to give him my full support as he becomes the Democratic nominee for Queens borough president.
From the onset of this campaign, I would have never imagined the year we have all gone through. But I remain hopeful and optimistic not just for myself, but for Queens and the country as a whole.
This was an incredible opportunity. Thank you for your encouragement, thank you for the many hours of volunteering, thank you for donatingā€”this campaign was built on your support.
ā€”Elizabeth Crowley

Voting in the June 23 Primary

The Democratic primary for Queens borough president will occur on June 23, but we at Team Crowley highly recommend returning your absentee ballot before then.

We understand that there is a huge surge for absentee ballots and that many have been delayed. If you have not received yours on time, you are still eligible to vote on Election Day, June 23.

How to Vote in Person

We cannot stress enough that voting by mail is preferable, but the period to request an absentee ballot has elapsed. Therefore, the only way to cast your ballot without one is to turn out in person on Election Day, June 23. You may look up your polling site at and cast your ballot from 6 AM to 9 PM that Tuesday.

How to Vote by Mail

Unfortunately, the deadline to request an absentee ballot has elapsed. If you have one or have one coming in the mail, the deadline to return your ballot is June 23.

How to Vote Early

The early voting period has elapsed. The only way to submit your ballot now is to return your absentee or vote in person on June 23.

Other Races on the Ballot

Concurrent with the race for Queens borough president, there will be elections for state and federal primaries.

Votes in the Special Election

Unfortunately, votes cast in the postponed, then canceled, March special election will not count towards this primary. If you voted then, we urge you to vote again for Elizabeth!

Help Out Elizabeth

Please help us get the word out on how to vote safely by absentee this campaign: visit and help inform our Queens neighbors that there are multiple options to vote safely before Election Day!